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Selling More than 50 Used CDs, DVDs, and/or Video Games?

If you are selling 50 or more used CDs, used DVDs and/or used games, please type or paste them here. Include the general or specific conditions of the discs. (i.e. Excellent: Mirror finish, no scratches; Good: Almost perfect, a light scratch or two; Fair: Many light scratches. We don't buy discs with "pinholes" where light can shine through the disc. We will not buy discs that have deep scratches or are unplayable. The front and back paper covers must be included and in good condition). When you have entered your list please click Submit and we will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours if we can buy the discs.

Please list CDs by Artist/Title, DVDs by Title and Games by type (i.e. XBox) and title.

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