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We prefer all quotes for used CDs and used DVDs to be submitted through our AutoQuote system;
however, if you are selling more than 50 CDs and cannot use the AutoQuote process, feel free to
email us a list.
As a matter of policy we will not open any email attachments and request that you send the list
in the following format:

Artist - Title - Condition

(Alphabetize and single space the list. Also, please separate all DVDs from CDs)

For example:

Please quote the following used CDs and used DVDs:

Bjork - Vespertine - Good
Green Day - Dookie - Good
Ice Cube - Greatest Hits - Excellent
Postal Service - Give Up - Excellent
Shins - Chutes too Narrow - Excellent
ZZ Top - Eliminator - Fair

DVD - American Psycho - Excellent
DVD - Bad News Bears - Excellent
DVD - Falling Down - Fair
DVD - Family Guy (Volume 1) - Excellent
DVD - Matrix - Excellent
DVD - Navy Seals - Good

The email should be sent to this address.
Please include the subject line of "CashForCDs Email Quote" in order to ensure that your message is
not filtered out as spam.
It typically will take less than 48 hours to receive a response; however, due to the volume of
quotes received it can take longer to receive a full quote for your used CDs or DVDs.



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