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Selling Your discs is as Easy As 1-2-3!


Discs must be removed from their jewel cases (as shown) and bundled with loose rubber bands.
Failure to send discs as shown may result in your quote amount being reduced, to cover the resulting
additional postage necessary.

Please use the quote you just printed to check off the discs you are sending.
Use a "padded envelope" (pictured) or a sturdy box (corrugated cardboard) to mail the discs.

1     Remove each disc from its clear plastic
case. Take out the paper front
cover/booklet, then "pop out" the
plastic tray to remove the paper back
cover. (If the disc is in a cardboard
container, just send it as it is).
Place the disc between its paper front
and back covers. Please use the check
spaces on the quote to confirm each
disc you are sending.
Using loose rubber bands, bind the
disc together in maximum groups of
ten and place them in the mailer. You
MUST include the quote sheet you
printed earlier. Seal the package and
print the next page, which displays
your post-paid address label.

It's as simple as that!
Drop the package into any mailbox and we'll send your payment the day we receive it.

(When mailing an actual box, please take it to the post office rather than dropping it into a mailbox.)
When sending DVDs, please include the DVD and all of its paper and plastic packaging.

Please note: It's important that you send what is on the quote, in the condition it was quoted.
Questions? Please call 1-888-868-0801 or email [email protected]

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