Cash For CDs
Why should you sell your CDs and DVDs to
Our process is the simplest you'll find. No pre-registration is required, which means you won't
have to wade through pages and pages of conditions and agreements.

There really are only three steps to selling your used discs: Get a quote (and free mailer); send
in the discs; and receive your payment.

You'll receive a free mailer to ship the discs back to us and we'll pay for First-Class postage ,
too. No one else will do that.

You'll instantly get a quote for the amount we'll pay you. Also, we'll send your payment or credit
your PayPal account the day we receive the discs from you.

You can sell as few as six discs at a time or as many as you have to sell. No auctions or
uploading hassles, just very fast service.

If you have music on your hard drive, you can clean up the discs you no longer need, and "clean
up" by cashing in on them.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have quickly turned their used CDs and used
DVDs into cash. Read what some of them have to say here !


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